Since 1995, Eceplast has been developing, manufacturing and delivering innovative solutions that optimize the supply chain in the food, chemical, environmental and automotive arenas. Packing, storing and shipping more effectively guarantees reduced costs and allows for greater control over a potential environmental impact. The expert skills of our Research and Development team, combined with our experienced and knowledgable company staff, guarantee our reliability and accuracy. The Eceplast brand is recognized as a synonym for quality around the world.

About Us

Eceplast is an Italian, family-run company based in Troia (Apulia), where it houses a Center for Research and Development, the company’s administrative offices, and the main production site. Born out of the technical expertise of its founder, and his intuition and ability to find solutions and resources where others only see problems, today Eceplast is a world-renowned brand. The production plant is a technological marvel, with record levels of automation in this sector. UNI EN ISO 9001:2008  -  UNI EN ISO 14001:2004  -  UNI EN ISO 22000:2005

A family company

Eceplast was founded in 1995 by Giuseppe Altobelli on the core values of competence, passion, and courage, and in only a short amount of time, the company was recognized on the international market for its quality and reliability. Its core values remain unchanged today, as the second generation has taken on an active role in managing the company. Those same values have led the company’s managers to make countertrend choices, like the choice to invest in growth and in the local community, instead of choosing to relocate its manufacturing activities.

Quality oriented

Eceplast’s vision is based on scrupulous attention to detail, an eagerness to take on new challenges, and comprehensive technological know-how. Eceplast affords its clients a conscious choice, while remaining both economically competitive and environmentally responsible. Thanks to proper storage, costs decrease. Thanks to high safety standards, risks are reduced. Thanks to markedly higher quality, the relationship between manufacturer and customer is continuously improving. Our product allows packaging to play an important role in driving efficiency within your production chain, and in the distribution of value.

Ethics at work

Sustainable Development is the only road to progress in today’s world. Eceplast has come a long way since its inception, yet another example of the effectiveness of a long-term vision that focuses on responsibility. People, rules, and the environment are not mere footnotes, but the real stakeholders of a commanding business model capable of overcoming current challenges. The Eceplast reality proves that manufacturing production in Europe is possible and convenient, as long as you focus on driven innovation and the involvement of resourceful people in the development process.


Barless Network

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We understand solving complex problems through advanced manufacturing techniques and processes requires collaboration. By crowdsourcing innovation, BSS Network is willing to improve customer value and driving advancements across the shipping industry.


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Eceplast is always looking for innovative technical solutions that can provide greater competitiveness to our customers. Eceplast operates a quality control laboratory, with professional technicians and high-profile instrumentation. The success of products like our Safety Liners, Barless Liners, and Nitrogen Barriers has encouraged the company to invest in competence development and human capital. Today, these present a unique strength in this industry – in many ways, our safety and quality standards have become an international standard.


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Our problem solving approach guarantees our long term business relations with our clients. Here are some practical examples of how our innovative solutions are bringing value to our clients.


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Wired Nextfest 2018

Wired Nextfest 2018

Wired Nextfest 2018 Future, Innovation and Creativity. Wired Nextfest aims to gather Future, Innovation and Creativity in a festival to show how the new technologies and use of big data and artificial intelligences are able to make life simpler and better. Last 28th-30th of September in Florence at the Wired Nextfest 2018, Apulia Region institutional … Read more

Troia Teatro Festival

Troia Teatro Festival

Since 2005 Eceplast is proud to support the Troia Teatro Festival and the 2018 is the 8th year that we sponsorship the Eceplast award. The Festival and the Eceplast Award has become a focal point in the theatrical panorama of south of Italy and we hope to this shall remain so for as long as possible. Although … Read more

Eceplast applies to European voluntary pledge for circular economy

Eceplast applies to European voluntary pledge for circular economy

In compliance with the first-ever Europe-wide Plastics Strategy, Eceplast has submitted its voluntary pledge for make all its products recyclable by 2030. The European Union with the European strategy for Plastics in a circular Economy will transform the way plastic products are designed, used, produced and recycled. Eceplast, in accordance with the EU plastics strategy and to … Read more

New ideas on the horizon

New ideas on the horizon

On Uomini&Imprese, our Commercial Director, Nicola Altobelli, talks about the new ideas for Eceplast and the challenges lying ahead. An excursus from the foundation to today. Let’s talk about of innovation in Eceplast, of our patents and the new investments on Industry 4.0 that lead Eceplast to be an european leader. To read the article click … Read more


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Via della Repubblica Italiana, 110
70032 Bitonto (BA)
P. +39 0881 97 80 80
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Share Capital € 1.000.000,00
R.E.A. n°486679
Business register office of Bari
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Strada Provinciale 115,
km 15,050
71029 Troia (FG)
F +39 0881 97 91 00
P. +39 0881 97 80 80


Nicola Altobelli
Commercial Director
ext 257 ita-eng

Mario Merendi
Thermo Division Sales Manager
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Simone Salinno
Logistic Manager
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Vincenzo Nigro
Purchase Manager
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Alessandro Altobelli
Production Manager
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Vito Altobelli
Technical Director
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Marco Di Gioia
Maintenance Manager
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Valeria Daniello
Human Resource Manager
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Mariella Romano
Administrative Manager
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Lucia Bellusci
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Michela Morra
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