Flexitanks are a special packaging for non-hazardous bulk liquids that convert a standard sea box container or trailer into a highly efficient alternative to tank containers for liquid shipments.

  • Maximize payload
  • Reduce loading and unloading times
  • Reduce total logistical costs


We are committed to selecting and providing only the best-in-class solutions for our customers.

Thanks to the strategic partnership with LIQUATRANS Turkey, Eceplast is offering several innovative Flexitanks that, by eliminating the bulkhead, grant strategic key benefits such as:

  • Reduce CO2 Foot Print by 40%
  • Fast installation process: 2 persons in 3 minutes
  • Ease of disposal and recycling: only PE and PP materials
  • Less residue after discharge
  • Rail Impact Test: Container Owner Association (COA) registered 2.38G
  • 19% safer than the Industry standard
  • Association of American Railroads (AAR) impact test pass
  • Produced in a clean room environment with only food approved raw materials and a controlled production process (ISO 22000:2005)
  • Insurance coverage


Food Products: Wine, fruit juices, concentrates, vegetable oils, palm oils, fish oils, edible oils, sorbitol, fructose, malt extracts, coconut oils, egg liquid, corn oil.

Chemical – non-food:
detergents, base oils, lubricants, paraffin wax, printing inks, emulsions, fertilizers, natural & synthetic latex, plasticizers, non hazardous chemical transformers, oils, water based paints, DOP-plasticizers, water reducers.