• Easy application, stackable
  • Tailor made production for each project
  • Cost saving alternative to IBCs

Drum Flex containers minimize operational and packaging costs, optimizing warehouse space normally used by empty IBCs. The Drum Flex containers are ready to be used in seconds, generating a lower residue and a reduced carbon footprint compared to IBCs, and eliminating cleaning costs and contamination risks. Possible applications are: Liquid Chemicals, Beverages, Food Pastes, Viscous Liquids, Preserved Foods.



  • Volume: 270 liters to 2,000 liters
  • Safety Working load 2000Kg max
  • Top filling – Bottom or top discharge with a detached, multiuse valve
  • Temperature tolerance: -50°C up to +70°C
  • Single use
  • Stackable with or without a pallet
  • Integrated durable polypropylene tubes for cubic form and stacking
  • EVOH – Oxygen Barrier
  • Aluminum Aseptic Barrier
  • Gamma Sterilization
  • High temperature applications up to +90°C