• Easy to operate
  • Lowers logistical costs
  • Opens new markets
  • Perfect for Hard Flowing powders

The ECE FLUID Liners, developed independently by our R&D team, are made of special grade multi-layer coextruded LDPE and LLDPE film. The ECE Fluid Liners are equipped with specially designed air funnels that, once inflated with the appropriate volume of air, allow the easy discharge of hard flowing products such as Cement, Lime, Starch, Chalk, Soda, Talc. The list of products is continuously updated, as many tests are ongoing, involving our R&D in a continuous improvement process to certify more products to be transported with this innovative technology.


  • Food Grade approved raw materials (EU 10/2011) and certified production process (ISO22000:2005)
  • For 20’ and 40’ ISO sea box containers
  • For 20’, 30’ and 45’ bulk containers
  • Closed cycle liner for food grade products
  • Conductive – Antistatic film to prevent the risk of dust explosion
  • Nitrogen Barrier film for moisture sensitive goods
  • Liner Bags for Hard-Flowing materials
  • Dedicated Technical discharge equipment


  • Tilted Container gravimetrically loaded through the filling spout from a silo
  • Loaded through the loading spout above the Bulk Head with a Pneumatic system
  • Loaded through the loading spout above the Bulk Head with a Conveyor system

The unloading process is only possible with the ECE FLUID system, which creates a fluid bed on the inside of the Liner Bag, facilitating the material flow while avoiding the formation of arches and blocks.

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