• Protect from Heat
  • Eliminate Container Rain
  • Maximize Dry container fleet
  • On site install available
  • Can provide a protective barrier against potential contamination
  • Reduce Thermal shock from port to inland journey


TP Woven  liner is a protective foil liner application, fitted to standard dry ocean shipping containers. The TP Woven liner is designed to insulate and protect against radiation, container rain, and cargo sweat.

Varying climates and unpredictable global temperatures can wreak havoc on cargo. The combination of a long ocean transit, port traffic, and drayage to final destination can make global shipping problematic. Whether shipping wine or beverages, canned goods or coffee beans the various climatic environments the cargo travels through is strenuous and can destroy the quality of the product or the packaging.

Insulated container liner


The TP Woven liner is a complete six sided PE woven reflective liner that can be installed into a standard dry shipping container (see installation instructions). Once the TP Wone liner is zipped up at the rear of the container the cargo inside becomes fully sealed and protected from all six walls providing a closed off temperature and humidity sheltered environment.

Equally important to installing the TP Woven liner is a correct loading pattern.  The TP Woven liner is a great line of defense against all forms of radiation and convection, but not so much when it comes to conduction.  To optimize the TP Woven liners full insulating capabilities leave a 1 – 2’’ gap between cargo and the side walls. By reducing surface contact with the side walls the conductive heat transfer is reduced by over 85% while further allowing the TP Woven Liner to reflect the IR currents emitting from the steel walls.

Insultated container cargo

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