Eceplast joins Elite: training and new governance tools for growth

A new horizon for Eceplast: the Apulian company joins the Elite network, Borsa Italiana’s strategic development programme that supports companies in their growth, in accessing financial markets and in strengthening corporate governance.

Through training sessions, workshops and meetings with experts in the financial sector, the network offers targeted support to consolidate processes and achieve increasingly important corporate goals.

“In an ever-changing world that requires great adaptability, the only certainty for a company is the need to keep renewing and evolving,” says Nicola Altobelli, Commercial Director of Eceplast. “On the threshold of 30 years in business, we have chosen the Elite programme to continue building virtuous growth paths in an increasingly complex context. An opportunity achieved thanks also to one of our historical partners, Intesa San Paolo, who has sponsored our journey”.

The advantages of the Elite programme

Access to financial markets
The Elite programme provides the opportunity to access a wide network of investors and financiers, opening up new financing avenues to support growth.

Specialist support
Through the programme, Eceplast has access to expert advisors who guide the company in optimising financial strategy, risk management and implementing best practices in corporate governance.

Growth and development
It provides the tools to consolidate market positioning, expand operations and pursue new development opportunities, both nationally and internationally.

Prestige and credibility
Being part of the Elite programme is a recognition of excellence and lends additional credibility to investors, customers and business partners.