Protecting perishable goods during transportation has never been more important than in today disrupted global supply chain. The range of thermal packaging developed is made to mitigate the impact of time and temperature differentials encountered along the route by air, sea and land, around the globe.

Thermal Liner

Thermal Liners are designed to minimize the risk of temperature differentials impacting perishable goods while shipped overseas in containers.

Fields of application
Beverage, Chemicals, Electronics, Food, Pharma
Thermal Blanket

Thermal Blankets are the preferred solution for an immediate one-way temperature control. High protection for all the pallets inside the container.

Fields of application
Beverage, Chemicals, Food
Thermal Pallet Cover

Thermal Pallet Covers shield your perishable goods against readations and thermal damages, both during the transport and the storage.

Fields of application
Beverage, Chemicals, Food, Pharma
Thermal Foil

Thermal Foil offers the maximum flexibility to shippers of non palletized goods. The cheapest solution to shield your temperature sensitive goods.


Fields of application
Beverage, Electronics, Food, Pharma