Our distinguish flagship

We strongly believe that our future necessarily reflects our constant search for innovation since 1995. Sharing knowledge and experience, developing new technical solutions and applying most recent technologies is how we qualify and update our offer to anticipate customer needs and reconfirm our success over time.

Process innovation

Our roots go back to the industrial patent for the round welding machine designed by Mr Giuseppe Altobelli and we have never strayed from a path of technological development. By investing in process automation we have offered our community new possibilities for skills acquisition as well as secure jobs.

As a result today we are proud to claim a technologically advanced plant that makes us strongly competitive on a global level.

Product innovation

The right mix of specific know-how and the ability to meet market demand has helped us to develop some of the most advanced packaging solutions in our industry.

Some good examples over the years!

Organizational innovation

The overall quality of our processes is monitored by the strict ISO 9001 standards, as well as environmental footprint by ISO 14001 and food safety by ISO 22000. In 2021 we also introduced ISO 45001, which helps us to improve the safety for our employees by reducing workplace risks and creating better and safer working conditions.