We celebrate an important new chapter in our history: the start-up of a new production plant.

We did it from the heart and in record time (18 months), revitalising one of the many sadly abandoned factories in the industrial area of Manfredonia, now integrated into the ZES Adriatica Interregionale Puglia Molise (SpeciaL Economic Zone).
A new, modern, interconnected, highly automated production line for multilayer paper sacks that, once again, we have chosen to build in our area: in #Puglia, in the province of Foggia.
Ever since our foundation in 1995, our love for our region has led us to make choices that are never easy, often at odds with the ‘main-stream’ of manufacturing relocation.
Our peculiar vision has led us to combine technology and sustainability to offer state-of-the-art packaging solutions, and this original offering of ours has then generated and reverberated important job opportunities for our region, today reaching a team of around 100 employees.
With the start-up of «MANFREDONIA PLANT» we double our production capacity to strengthen our diversification and growth path in the paper packaging sector. A significant step for Eceplast but also a renewed commitment to sustainable growth.
Thanks to those who made this possible, especially our engineer vito altobelli for his incredible effort and tenacity in completing a task that seemed impossible. We look forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead with the enthusiasm of the third generation who cut the ribbon together with our founder Giuseppe Altobelli.