From waste to resource: Oscar Olivares’ ecomurales in Foggia

A very special initiative was completed in Foggia that showcased the positive values of our community and promoted sustainability in a unique and creative way.

A crowdfunding project that led to the creation of an ‘ecomurales’ made of 40,000 recycled coloured plastic caps, the work of Venezuelan artist Oscar Olivares.

The inauguration of this mural was a moment of joy and gratitude for all those who supported and believed in this initiative. We received a plaque of thanks and had the honour of emphasising some concepts that we consider fundamental to  our endeavours.

This project was an extraordinary example of community participation, highlighting our city’s values of hospitality and tradition, and combining them with the crucial issue of environmental sustainability.

The cooperation and enthusiasm shown by the citizens of Foggia made it possible to achieve a unique work of public art.

As a company, we chose to support this initiative to also highlight the importance of plastic when it is used correctly. It is undeniable that this material is often associated with environmental problems, but our approach is to promote its conscious and responsible use.

The polypropylene caps used by Oscar Olivares to create the mural are a tangible example of how plastic can be transformed into something creative and meaningful.

Polypropylene, a brilliant Italian invention by Giulio Natta, Nobel Prize winner in 1963, revolutionised the world and brought it into the modern age.

It is essential to recognise that plastic pollution is not a problem caused by the material itself, but by its misuse and abuse.

Plastic is a valuable tool that has proven its worth in many circumstances, including the management of the COVID-19 pandemic, during which it played a key role in the production of medical devices and protective materials.

This mural is a symbol of how creativity and ingenuity can turn an environmental problem into an opportunity to promote awareness and innovation.

We must enthusiastically welcome and encourage other similar initiatives that highlight the intrinsic value of materials and promote sustainable practices.

Foggia, with its rich history and community spirit, once again proves to be fertile ground for ideas and projects that aim to unite art, innovation and sustainability.

May it inspire new initiatives that value plastic and promote responsible use of materials, thus contributing to an increasingly sustainable and inclusive future for all.