How geo-political crises are impacting container transit times and what you can do about it

What impact have the recent geo-political crises had on container transit times?

On average, it is estimated that there is a  delay of at least 20 days  for the tens of millions of containers that cross the seas every day and make global trade possible. More than 80% of them transport products that are potentially  perishable  and susceptible to temperature fluctuations. Passing through different climatic zones for such long periods of time, significantly increases the  risk of deterioration and loss of quality.

This is why it is essential to take the right precautions by  choosing the right packaging!  Have you ever thought of using a  Thermal Liner  to mitigate temperature fluctuations? Our Thermal Liners have already earned the trust of many companies in the food and beverage sector where they have also been adopted as an alternative to reefer containers. A case in point is the fruit giant,  Dole.

During the Covid-19 induced logistics crisis, the disruption to reefer containers made them virtually unobtainable as well as super expensive. But, out of great difficulties, new opportunities often arise: Dole has since adopted our Thermal Liners in Dry Containers for the  shipment of canned fruitThermal liners  provide effective thermal protection,  allowing the use of dry containers instead of reefers. Savings and quality are guaranteed!

At Eceplast we understand the challenges of shipping and are ready to support you with our Thermal division. Contact us to find out how we can help you ship safely while saving money.