Mechatronic Maintainer

Plant Maintenance.

We compete with global players through innovation, automation and quality of our products and we’re looking for a Mechatronic Maintenance Engineer who can strengthen the internal maintenance team.

For this position, it is essential to have a solid capability to recognize the anomalies of the mechanical and electrical elements of automated lines managed by PLC, identifying and repairing the damaged parts.

The ideal candidate has the following requirements:

  • Technical diploma in electrical, electrotechnical or mechanical fields.
  • At least 3 years of experience in the role in modernly structured companies.
  • Solid foundations in mechanics, electronics, electrotechnics, electromechanics.
  • Reading and interpretation of wiring diagrams.
  • Knowledge of technical drawing.
  • Knowledge of preventive, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance techniques of automated systems.
  • Knowledge of presence detection sensors (photoelectric, inductive, capacitive, laser).
  • Knowledge of electromechanical components (relays, contactors, SCRs, motor protectors, automatic switches).
  • Knowledge of encoders and resolvers.
  • Knowledge of industrial automation (inverter, PLC, drive).
  • Knowledge of company safety and accident prevention regulations.
  • Knowledge of diagnostic and measurement tools.

The following requirements are preferential

  • PES PAV qualification certificate.
  • Knowledge of Eplan.
  • Knowledge of temperature probes (K, J, PT 100).
  • Knowledge of SIEMENS 1500 and TIA PORTAL PLCs
  • Knowledge of OMRON and CX PROGRAMMER PLCs
  • Knowledge of CONTROL TECHNIQUES servo drives M300 and M700 family

The candidate must have the following transversal skills:

  • Having the gift of proactivity in order to improve and refine the results of the job.
  • Having an innovative approach to problem solving.
  • Having the desire to work collaboratively with others, to be part of a team.
  • Having the will to align their behavior with the needs, priorities and objectives of the company organization.

Full time contract, other conditions to be defined based on the candidate profile.

To apply, please send an email to: