Wired Nextfest 2018

Wired Nextfest 2018 Future, Innovation and Creativity.

Wired Nextfest aims to gather Future, Innovation and Creativity in a festival to show how the new technologies and use of big data and artificial intelligences are able to make life simpler and better.

Last 28th-30th of September in Florence at the Wired Nextfest 2018, Apulia Region institutional partner of the event, has presented a documentary about the most relevant innovative companies in the region including Eceplast as one of the excellences of the territory.

Of course, we were very proud to represent our region at this event about innovation. In fact, both Innovation and Cultural heritage are among our company’s core values: the desire of creating a positive impact on our local community has pushed us to constantly innovate our products and production process, driving us toward a higher level of competitiveness at global level. Being more competitive we were able to grow and offer more jobs opportunity to our people, in a positive circle that we aim to scale more and more!

Click here to view the doc.