• VW Group

    VW Group
    Paper Sacks

    VW Group adopted our Paper Sacks to store and ship bulgy automobile spare parts (bumpers) to replace the cardboard boxes previously in use. The efficiency that the Paper Sacks guarantee is incredible high in terms of direct reduction of cost for packaging, reduction of the warehousing and shipping space needed, that gives also an important reduction of the environmental impact lowering the carbon footprint of the global supply chain.

  • Ewals Cargo Care for BP

    Ewals Cargo Care for BP
    Safety liner

    In 2006 BP was looking for a technical solution to increase the level of efficiency and safety of discharging operation at their customers sites when delivering Terephthalic Acid (PTA). In facts, drivers were forced to climb on top of the container to sample product for quality control exposing them to big risks of serious injuries.Our R&D team developed and patented in few months the first so called “Safety Liner”, that enables the drivers to sample the transported product directly from the ground just opening the container letterbox, but still guaranteeing the possibility of reclosing the letterbox in case the product is refused from the final customer.

  • BASF

    Nitrogen Barrier Liner

    BASF selected us to develop a new generation of packaging to safely store and ship their Polyamide. It is well known how much this commodity is very sensible to moisture and for this reason, it has been always packed in special aluminum barrier bags that are very expensive and impossible to recycle. Our R&D team has developed a special polyethylene based film that sacked with Nitrogen guarantees zero content of moisture even when shipping container overseas for 6-8 weeks.

  • Intermodal Trasporti for Südzucker

    Intermodal Trasporti for Südzucker
    Sugar Liner

    EU policy and regulations can have a very heavy impact on our day to day life as well create intersting opportunity of development. This was the case of the sugar industry, that in few years has generated a wide traffic of bulk sugar from tropical producers to European consumers. Thanks to our partenership with Intermodal Trasporti since 2008 among the first operators in the bulk sugar logistic, we had the chance to develop a dedicated “Sugar Liner” until now the only one approved by Südzucker in Europe. The most challenging and crucial factors were the control of the moisture content, the certification of each raw material and the production process for food contact compliance, that indeed pushed us toward a very strong improvments process ended with the ISO 22000 certification.

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