Mechatronic Maintainer

Plant Maintenance. We compete with global players through innovation, automation and quality of our products and we’re looking for a Mechatronic Maintenance Engineer who can strengthen the internal maintenance team. For this position, it is essential to have a solid capability to recognize the anomalies of the mechanical and electrical elements of automated lines managed […]

Objective 30% recycled: threat or opportunity?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle but also and above all Rethink and Redesign packaging. Since 2018, we in  Eceplast  have chosen to take this path, dedicating ourselves to the development of the RE//Liner range, aiming to be instigators and promoters of a necessary and urgent change. Precisely from direct experience, we have learned that this is not […]


Pallet covers against freezing. Nando’s is a South African multinational fast food chain that specialises in flame-grilled peri-peri style chicken. Founded in Johannesburg in 1987, Nando’s operates over 1,200 outlets in 30 countries. Their logo depicts the Rooster of Barcelos, one of the most common symbols of Portugal. Following the customer’s request, while providing information […]


The two faces of packaging: cardboard VS plastic. How to mitigate carbon emissions and drastically reduce their impact without affecting efficiency in the supply chain? With the intention to bring higher awareness, Rete Clima takes an in-depth study of the materials employed by Eceplast, measuring the use of raw materials and energy and assessing the […]


Sales Department. As part of the project to boost up the sales office, Eceplast is looking for an Export Sales Manager who can support the Sales Director in the management and development of the main corporate market on an international scale. Eceplast firmly rooted in Puglia, is facing every day with major global players in […]

Carriage of hides and skins in container

Yearly, approximately 7 million tons of raw hides are generated by slaughtering animals like cows and sheep. These hides will be processed and transported around the world will become leather. The carriage of hides or skins in general purpose containers is creating several problems. Improper container preparation may cause the leaking of corrosive brine during […]

Impoline Spa joins the Eceplast network

The next stage of ECEPLAST’s expansion path, passes through Chile and its capital city of Santiago, where  Impoline  is based. “This is a further step towards Eceplast’s global positioning. We strongly believe that South America is full of opportunities for growth” says  Nicola Altobelli, Eceplast Commercial Director. Impoline Spa  is a Chilean import company, with […]

Eceplast renews his ISO certifications.

#ISO9001:2015 #ISO14001:2015 #ISO22000:2018 We have renewed our ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 22000 certifications. Eceplast is committed to provide quality, environment, safety and health as an integral part of its business system. Our quality policy is concentrated on continuous improvement, care and attention enabling to meet the required quality of our products and services.

Growing trough innovation along the “Silk-Road”.

Shipping a bulk cargo in container has never been more SAFE and EFFICIENT. Following the innovation’s path we have initiated years ago, we are proud to announce that our Barless Liner bag for sea box containers has got the Chinese patent! The Barless Liner technical development started in 2014, involving the Polytechnic University of Bari […]

Liner to Liner: closing the loop on plastic packaging recycling

Leading the transition towards a circular model and more sustainable use of resources. Versalis  and  Eceplast  have designed their best practice for recycling and reusing polyethylene packaging. Versalis  (by  ENI) is the largest Italian chemical company with a global presence in the plastics and rubbers’ markets. It holds market stewardship in manufacturing and in the […]

Australian Container Leasing join the Eceplast network

A new partnership in Australia. The new stage of ECEPLAST’s expansion path passes through Australia and its rapidly growing market for bulk goods transport. “We are very excited and proud to announce this new partnership with the belief that we can significantly grow in the Australian continent” said Nicola Altobelli, Commercial Director at ECEPLAST. AUSTRALIAN […]

Thanks all visitors @transportlogistic2019

A a very successful show. The Eceplast team thanks all visitors for making #transportlogistic2019 an unforgettable record trade fair. We are very happy that our vision of packaging for a better world has been so appreciated. See you in 2021!!

Announcement of Our new Logo & Brand Identity

Sustainability is the center of our vision. Our brand evolves, revisiting the previous one for greater harmony with the corporate values, vision and mission. Close to reach 25 years of activity, we have become a company able of providing sustainable packaging solutions in several industrial contexts, maintaining our innovator identity. Ready for the challenges of […]

Eceplast applies to European voluntary pledge for circular economy

Our pledge In compliance with the first-ever Europe-wide Plastics Strategy, Ecpelast  has submitted its voluntary pledge for make all its products recyclable by 2030. The European Union with the European strategy for Plastics in a circular Economy will transform the way plastic products are designed, used, produced and recycled. Eceplast, in accordance with the EU […]

Container ports in Europe: Top 15.

Container throughput growth 2007-2017. The following graph shows the throughput growth in container ports in europe from 2007 to 2017 (Source: Port Economics, March 2018. In Million TEU). It is possible to see how the total container throughput in Europe increased by 17 million TEU. About the losers, Mediterranean ports like Gioia Tauro and north […]